BibAudioSoft ... a first-of-its-kind multimedia Bible program.





BibAudioSoft Eng.KJV1611.HebGrk 1.0d (Price: 15 € / $ 19 / £ 12)

Multimedia KJV Bible program in English. Program explores the Bible in only English text and audio, but includes English-Hebrew Old Testament and English-Greek New Testament bilingual audio files in MP3 format. Create MP3 files of Bible verses and passages and of your favorite Bible topics. Loop verses or passages in text and audio for better ingestion or memorization. Listen at your favorite pace by adjusting the pauses between verses and passages. Listen to Bible verses, passages and topics. Create your own Bible topics or parse them off websites and ingest them in text and audio. BibAudioSoft runs on Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 32/64 Bit Bilingual audio Bible MP3 files, verse-by-verse audio translation (KJV1611, HebrewOT+GreekNT).

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