BibAudioSoft ... a first-of-its-kind multimedia Bible program.

BibAudioSoft ?

BibAudioSoft is a program that permits the user to read or listen to Bible verses and passages in one or more languages, with several options available to enhance the experience.

One of the key features of BibAudioSoft is the option to listen to the Bible topically. A Bible topic groups many Bible passages together about the same topic. The user is expected to create and modify his/her own topics. The topics that ship with BibAudioSoft are mere examples to demonstrate the concept.

The user has much control over the pauses between verses, speakers and passages. Very long pauses are great for meditation.

BibAudioSoft lets the user loop verses and passages several times. This makes BibAudioSoft an excellent tool for memorizing Bible verses and passages.

Versions of BibAudioSoft with Bibles in more than one language are very helpful in expanding the user’s Bible vocabulary in foreign languages. The listening experience is basically that of hearing one person read through user-selected Bible passages in one language while another person translates each verse into another language.

System Requirements:

PlatformWindows XP 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8.1 32/64, Windows 10 32/64
Memory100 MB free memory
Space5 GB free harddisk space for 2 languages
MediumBibAudioSoft ships on DVD disks
MouseA mouse or trackball is indispensable